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Harwich has a long maritime history and is an important port for both passenger and cargo traffic.

Harwich is situated in a strategic location that has been significant for trade and defence since ancient times. The Town played a vital role in the naval history of England, particularly during the Tudor and Stuart periods. It was from Harwich that the Mayflower ship set sail in 1620, carrying the Pilgrims to the New World.

Today, Harwich is a busy international port and ferry terminal, connecting England with various destinations, including the Hook of Holland in the Netherlands by Stena Line.

In addition to its maritime importance, Harwich has a charming and picturesque town centre. The town is known for its well-preserved Georgian and Victorian architecture, with narrow streets, old buildings, and traditional pubs. The Electric Palace Cinema, built in 1911, is one of the oldest purpose-built cinemas still in operation in the UK.

Harwich Visitors Centre
Harwich Pier

Harwich also has several notable landmarks and attractions. The Harwich Redoubt, a fortification dating back to the Napoleonic era, offers insights into the town’s military history and provides panoramic views of the estuary. The Harwich Maritime Museum showcases the town’s seafaring heritage and displays artifacts related to its maritime past.

Some other attractions well worth a visit are The Ha’penny Pier Visitors Centre and the The Foot Ferry to Felixstowe.

There are some very good restaurants and highly recommended are The Pier Hotel, The Alma Inn and Thai up at the Quai.

Harwich Monument
Harwich Maritime Museum

Visitors to Harwich can also explore the nearby villages of Dovercourt and Parkeston, which offer additional coastal charm and scenic beauty. Dovercourt Bay is a popular beach area, ideal for relaxing walks and enjoying the seaside atmosphere. Dovercourt also has Dovercourt Bay Lifestyles a swimming pool and fitness centre near to the beach and a boating lake where you can book hourly rentals of Kayaks and Paddleboards.

Overall, Harwich is a fascinating destination for history enthusiasts, maritime enthusiasts, and those seeking a traditional English coastal experience. Its rich history, maritime heritage, and picturesque town centre make it an appealing place to visit.