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The serious stuff - what you can and can't do

Campsite Rules

Please observe the following Campsite rules at all times

We aim to provide our guests with a relaxed, pleasant stay therefore please observe our rules. These rules form part of your contract between us and you, they should be read alongside your booking Terms and Conditions

The Park Rules do not affect anything to which you are entitled to under booking Terms and Conditions. You must make sure everyone in your booking is aware of the rules. 

Advance bookings only, we have the right to refuse entry to the campsite for any reason. In the event of such a refusal, a full refund of any payments made will be given. Booking is essential, we do not accept same day bookings by phone or on site.

All guests must be able to provide proof of residential address. We reserve the right to refuse entry if such ID cannot be provided.

We do not accept group bookings we politely ask that people do not make separate bookings and then form a group on arrival or congregate together during their stay.

Please access the shower blocks and footpaths via the campsite. (Brambles, Oak and Cherry). Please do not walk through the farmyard.

All electrical connections must be safe and compatible – one hook up only no splitters to be used. No charging of electric cars allowed onsite. Electric car charging is available elsewhere in the village. No generators or transformers allowed on site.  

Please pitch exactly as instructed. Inappropriately pitched units will be required to be repositioned. Please ensure all pegs are removed when leaving. If you have difficulty removing pegs, please let a member of staff know. Breathable ground sheets only, please help protect the grass. No ground sheets to be used in hot weather. Do not hang washing on fences.

Pitching on our Campsite

For your safety guidelines must be followed to allow sufficient spacing between pitches, the number of your pitch should be central.

Cherry Field

Pitches 1-6 tow bar facing pond row 10-12.

Pitches 7-9 tow bar facing row 18-21 along top barn.

Pitches 10-12 tow bar facing row 1-6 opposite.

Pitch 13 tow bar facing barn in Oak.

Pitch 14 tow bar facing pitch 5/6.

Pitch 15 tow bar facing pond pitch 11.

Pitch 16 tow bar facing pond.

Pitch 17 tow bar facing 20.

Pitch 18 -21 tow bars facing pond/ 13/ 9/8/7

Oak Field

Pitch 22 tow bar facing 26/27.

Pitch 23-25 tow bars facing Oak toilet block.

Pitch 26-32 tow bars facing lower hedge

Pitches 34-36 tow bars facing barn.

Brambles Field (Tent Field)

We appreciate all the different size of tents and campervans.

Please include your tent size in the booking so we can find the best size pitch.

The pitch number must be in the middle of your tent and any extras must remain within your pitch boundary.

Please note we reserve the right to change the pitching slightly to allow for European Vehicles and motorhomes to be correctly pitched.

Anyone who has pitched incorrectly will be asked to re-pitch. 

No open fires, fire pits, campfires allowed – gas or charcoal barbecues only (no wood) Please use the bricks provided to keep off the ground. Never take a BBQ into an awning or a tent. Dispose of cool BBQs and charcoal in the correct metal bins.

Always keep dogs on short leads. Maximum two dogs per pitch. Please keep your dogs under control and clear up after your dog. Dog bins located in each field. No dogs in the toilet blocks. Do not leave your dog in your caravan, awning or tent if you go out otherwise you will be asked to leave.

All pitches to be vacated by 11am.

We must insist on quiet between 11pm and 7am. If there is excessive noise after 11pm please report on the 24hr contact number 07486900980.

Please drive up and down the farm lane with care and be aware of children and animals. The speed limit is 5mph and normal highway laws apply.

Please put all rubbish in the bins provided. We recycle paper, cans, glass and plastic only. Take all large items home with you and do not leave behind. There are also recycling centres located in the village of Kirby Le Soken and Clacton on Sea. 

Children must be supervised at all times. Children must stay in the campsite boundaries. No ball games. There are two play parks located in the village. Please ask at reception for details. 

Please keep the toilet buildings clean and tidy. Accompany children to the toilet block and showers and do not leave taps running.

Chemical toilets and wastewater must be emptied in the facilities provided in Oak and Cherry Tree, no wipes or sanitary products to enter cesspits.

We do not allow paddling pools, water bombs or water pistols to be used on the site. Please do not allow children to play at the water taps.

Be aware of farm vehicles moving around the farmyard and surrounding tracks. 

Do not feed the horses or go into the horse stables, yard or fields. 

Please respect your neighbour’s peace and privacy, noise from TV’s, music and pets should not be audible from your pitch.

No campers are permitted to launch/fly Drones around the site.

You may consume alcoholic drinks within the boundaries of your pitch, any person under the influence of alcohol whose behaviour becomes a nuisance or aggressive will be reported to the police.

All visitors are pre booked only at £5 each for the day, all visitors to check in at reception on arrival. Please do not share the access codes with visitors.

Anyone not observing or respecting the campsite rules, causing damage, verbal, physical or anti-social behaviour will be asked to leave.

Anyone causing nuisance after being warned by site staff will be asked to leave without refund.

Unacceptable, antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated from adults or children

Please report anything immediately to Reception or ring mobile 07486900980 24hs


Please observe Health and Safety notices displayed on the Campsite and act on the reasonable instructions of our staff in matters of health and safety.

24-hour CCTV recording on some areas of the Campsite. Images are recorded for the purpose of crime and prevention and public safety.

Fire Safety

Open fires are not permitted

Barbeques are allowed only charcoal only no wood or fire bricks allowed, raised off the ground. Disposable BBQs use the bricks provided.

Hot ashes allowed to cool and disposed off in bin areas in the BBQ bins provided.

Fire alarm bells and fire extinguisher boxes are provided for emergency use only

On discovery of a Campsite fire

Shout FIRE to warn people in proximity

Dial 999

Camp residents are advised to a place of general safety i.e safe distance from tent/caravan

Emergency Information

If a problem arises on the Campsite, please contact the main reception immediately 1pm-9pm daily on 01255 862006 out of hours 07486900980 24hs

Illness /Injury/ Fire

The site has a first aid kit located at reception

Any accidents or incidents must be reported to Reception immediately

Calling Ambulance / Fire

State your name

State address – Grange Farm Campsite, Station Road, Thorpe Le Soken, Essex, C0160HG.

State pitch number

State your contact number

Send someone to meet the emergency services at the main entry gate.

Inform reception as soon as possible 


  • We accept no liability or responsibility for any loss, damage or theft caused to any person or belongings while on our site.
  • You are solely responsible for securing the Caravan, Motorhome, Camper van and Tent along with your belongings, including locking trailers, bikes etc.
  • You must not give out the gate code or let strangers onto the Campsite.

Visitors to the park

  • All visitors must be booked in at the Campsite Reception and park in the visitors’ car park. We only allow a few day guests onsite, so booking is essential.
  • No visitors before 10am,
  • It is your responsibility to make sure your visitors adhere to the Campsite Rules.
  • When the site is at capacity we cannot accept visitors due to our limited facilities.